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I am Mister Bill, AKA Bill Graves. I started working with computers in the late 1980’s my inability to spell and the fact that I was required to turn in papers at Kansas State University really drove me to computers as a way of completing that task.  I have always enjoyed figuring out how and why things work from my first Green Schwinn 3 speed that I took apart at the age of 7 (and had to have my dad put back together) to my 1981 IBM 8088 that would not boot in the late 80’s. (dad could not help with this one it was the Stoned virus by the way). 
Being a poor college student I had to learn how to accomplish the tasks that I was assigned, or created for myself.  I matured as the Internet did, so you can imagine it as watching a child grow. 
One day I realized that I knew way more things about computers than most people. I started building my own computers first for my friends and family then for some individuals and small businesses.
I began teaching at
Hutchinson Community College: “Intro to PC”, “Intro to the internet”, “Microsoft Office”, and General use courses for school districts.  As I continued down this path, I have, and do now, continued to grow my knowledge in computer science and other areas.
I love helping others, that is probably why I became a Nurse in 1998. 
I credit the time that I grew up in, my peer group, and the kindness of people as major factors in my abilities today.
Oh and Spell check!

Bill Graves BS,BS,BSN,RN

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